Blow the whistle on Social Media Bullying

DeeJourney of a Fab Writing Mom

I am over it with social media bullies.

Please understand that I’m not the one being bullied, because I can handle myself just fine. Trust and believe the ole’ girl is not a push over.
However, I see it happening on facebook, instagram and twitter.
It’s mostly done in a way to disguise the the truth of it. Shade if you will, and or subliminal messages. And somehow these social media thugs, that’s right, I said thugs, seem to think folks like myself aren’t smart enough to see what’s happening.

Talking about another person’s shortcomings, lack of education, and circumstance be it receiving state assistance, or living in a trailer park, I don’t care what the situation is, it’s just wrong. I even see others piggyback off off the bullying and they carry on several responses to continue to tear the person’s character down. This method of being sickens me.

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