Make Haste, Dear One

Lead us from the Unreal to the Real

I’ve found it

the hollow space

that comes with ease

I’ve found the way

we can both appease

those aching tongues

and hardened dreams

that sit upon

our heaving chests

bracing for the day

of pure civil unrest

I’ve come to know

so it must be true

those hidden dreams

that sit just below

us, make patrons of us all

With haste, dear one

for the time is near

to open our minds

and let spill the fear

that keeps us all

too close and weary

the world’s possibility

is full of surprises

and there’s only one chance

to maybe surmise

just all there is

and all there will ever be

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Google snaps up Stackdriver and its cloud analysis expertise


Another small, smart Boston-area startup has been acquired by a Silicon Valley superpower. Google(s goog) is buying Stackdriver, which specializes in monitoring and honing cloud workload performance.

The fact that most of Stackdriver’s work is focused on AmazonWeb Services (s amzn) might make Google seem an unlikely buyer, but then again Google is trying to build up its public cloud as amajor competitor to AWS — so Stackdriver’s smarts come in handy there.

Terms were not disclosed. Stackdriver will relocate across the Charles River from its current Boston location Google’s Kendall Square offices in Cambridge, a Google spokesman said.

Google disclosed the news in a blog post in which product manager Tom Kershaw wrote:

“Stackdriver has built a leading service to help developers intelligently monitor the apps and services they’re building and running in the cloud. This allows customers to have more visibility into errors, performance, behavior, and…

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TechCrunch’s Parent AOL’s Stock Falls After Disappointing Earnings Report


Among the retreating technology and technology-facing stocks, AOL stands out today in terms of the scale of its decline. As of this writing, AOL is down more than 24%, and could easily end the day down more than a quarter of its former value.

AOL owns TechCrunch.

Investors are more skittish about AOL today than they were yesterday with Twitter, a company that can’t find GAAP profits, and had more than 80% of its shares unlock on a single day.

So, what’s going on. Simply put, AOL’s earnings per share and net income were not great in its most recently completed quarter: Revenue of $583.1 million was better than expectations, but net income of a slim $8.7 million and earnings per share of $0.11 were not.

It appears that investors are cautious about AOL’s ability to generate an appreciable net margin on its revenue.

AOL had a rougher-than-normal quarter, as TechCrunch…

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